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Ice Watch. They are very high quality plastic strap watches available in a range of different colors, materials and designs. One design consistency is the use of the chromatic line of descending colors throughout every collection, ensuring there is a color option to satisfy all. Described by Ice Watch, we are an "international, intercultural, intergenerational" watch, where we are an alternative & affordable fashion watch brand that has a strong identity, both UK and globally. Ice watch has been seen as the "must-have" item among various style influential, where we continue to put creativity & consumers satisfaction before any 'ultimately meaningless' logistics. Relaxed, yet formal, bold, yet consistent, find your color and style. They conclude their branding slogans: "Be Colorful, Be Unique, Be Ice Watch""Change. You can." Ice Watches have also been seen all of the major catwalks around the world leading to various other copy cat brands, where Ice Watch has managed to stay current & ahead of the fashion trend with their frequent new designs and colors, depending on the various seasons and other factors.